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Exactly how in your element are you willing to feel? The answer this Tuesday, August 1 may be, “Nothing short of 100%!” That day, the full moon in Aquarius, the only one of 2023, electrifies your fantasy-fueled twelfth house (AKA “the Pisces house”) and ignites your imagination. Channel your energy into a creative project or, if you’ve got a solid romantic partner, planning a dream date.

But if a key situation has gone off the rails, you may decide to let it go. Saying goodbye is never easy when you’re passionate about a project—or person. But if this mission is zapping the best of you or forcing you to postpone your own bliss, is it really worth hanging on to? That’s for you to decide, but if you can look at this objectively, it may start to look VERY different. Ask for advice (and support) from a neutral third party like a mediator, spiritual mentor or therapist. With Venus retrograde from July 22 to September 3, you might want to take some extra space, if nothing else, to get centered in what matters most to YOU.

Even if you’re not ready to release a relationship, how about the stuff that’s past its nostalgic prime? If your car or office are starting to resemble a thrift-store drop off station, this full moon could spur a major decluttering mission. Purge your space of excess and bring order to the chaos. Not sure what to do with the nicer items? How about sweet little “gift bags” for friends who’ll appreciate the carefully curated goodies? 


Planetary PSA: This is NOT the weekend to fake it till you make it! With the confident Sun in your house of details squaring larger-than-life (and famously outspoken) Jupiter in your communicator center on Sunday, August 6, you won’t even get away with a teensy little fib. Instead of trying to fudge the facts, let your motto be “Let me get back to you on that.” Even though you have the best intentions, this square will rev up your people-pleasing instincts and could inspire you to do something not in your own best interests. You don’t have to turn down enticing offers—just take adequate time to assess them before you commit. Once you’ve realistically evaluated what’s on your plate, then you can try to negotiate a better deal.

The sixth house rules helpful people, but the squirrely alignment could turn a friend into a frenemy. If you sense that a coworker or service provider is throwing some attitude your way, don’t just take that shade in stride. (Of course, the trick is to not flip to the other extreme and let the hotheaded Jupiter-Sun square ignite your temper.) There’s obviously an issue that needs ironing out. Suggest a lunch meeting where you can discuss your shared projects in a relaxed setting—away from the prying eyes of other colleagues who may already have gotten an earful! 

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